Dental and Vision

One of the most noticeable gaps in Medicare for seniors is the lack of coverage for dental and vision care.

Routine exams are not covered, nor are items like dentures, glasses, or contacts. If you are enrolled in Original Medicare (Part A and Part B), even if you have Part D for prescriptions and a Medicare Supplement for expenses, you will have to pay the full costs when you see the dentist or eye doctor. With dental and vision insurance, you can pay a low monthly premium to protect your health and quality of life. 

Dental health and gum disease can affect many areas of your body, and the resulting inflammation from poor dental health can impact your risk for heart disease. The vast majority of visual impairments are preventable. Certain conditions can raise your chances of diminished vision without proper prevention. People with diabetes have an increased risk of developing glaucoma, so they have a heightened interest in finding affordable vision coverage. 

Vision and Dental are some of the most requested benefits. Often included with Medicare Advantage, it is also available as a stand-alone plan in many areas. 

Dental Insurance

You can purchase individual or family dental plans from major insurance providers. You could otherwise select a full-coverage dental plan or dental discount plan. Some companies offer combined dental and vision plans to consolidate your coverage and costs.

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Coverage with Dental Plans

With a dental plan, your insurance will help pay for necessary and preventive care, which includes dental cleanings every six months, annual x-ray images, and procedures such as fillings, tooth extractions, root canals, and dental crowns, among others. Dental plans offer a range of discounts to make dentures more affordable. 

Orthodontic care becomes affordable with the help of dental insurance. Most insurance offers discounts for adult and child orthodontics, which include braces, retainers, and related devices. Be sure to get a dental plan before you begin working with an orthodontist.

Dental emergencies are also much more manageable with help from dental insurance. Common dental emergencies include persistent toothaches, pain and swelling in your gums, teeth moving out of place, teeth being knocked out, something getting stuck between your teeth that flossing does not remove.

Vision Insurance

Vision plans can be purchased as stand-alone insurance to supplement your healthcare coverage. You will pay monthly premiums as well as minor copayments toward the costs of corrective lenses. With insurance, you can bypass waiting periods and can receive services outside of your plan’s network.

Coverage with Vision Insurance

Visiting the eye doctor regularly is important for identifying changes in refraction which impact your ability to see clearly. Vision insurance will cover annual vision exams and give an allowance for contact lenses for the year. Eyeglasses are discounted with only a copayment needed. Vision plans can also help you afford specialty lenses such as bifocals and may give you a discount on corrective treatments like Lasik.

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