What is Medicare?

Medicare is a government-based health insurance program that allows specific population groups to receive free or discounted healthcare access. People ages 65 and over, with End-Stage Renal Disease, and those under 65 with certain disabilities are eligible for Medicare benefits. Individuals who currently receive Social Security benefits will automatically be enrolled in the Medicare program.

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considering medicare supplement plans

Why Should You Consider Medicare Supplements?

If you’re enrolled in Original Medicare, you may be considering adding on some extra coverage to help you cover some out-of-pocket expenses. Fortunately, there are Medicare plans available for just that reason!  Medicare Supplement plans are also known as Medigap insurance and do not cover healthcare services directly. It covers the out-of-pocket costs not covered

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considering medicare advantage

Why Should You Consider Medicare Advantage?

While Original Medicare provides enough coverage for some, others prefer Medicare Advantage and some of the additional benefits that can be included. In short, Medicare Advantage plans provide the same coverage as Original Medicare but can also include additional coverage such as coverage for prescription drugs, dental, vision, and hearing.  Is Medicare Advantage right for

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