How Can I Enroll In Medicare?

When you need medical coverage, Medicare is a great first choice if you’re eligible. This means you must either be 65 years old or have a qualifying condition, which includes diseases like End-Stage Renal Disease and ALS.

If you’re interested in receiving Medicare benefits, it’s important to know that there are certain enrollment periods of when you can join the Medicare program. These can sometimes limit the time in which you can receive health coverage under this program. 

There are three periods in which you can enroll in Medicare: initial enrollment, general enrollment, and special enrollment. Each has varying requirements and periods when you could be eligible to apply.

Initial Enrollment

Initial enrollment is the first time that you are eligible to enroll in Medicare. This period starts three months prior to turning 65 and lasts three months after your 65th birthday. Before your 65th birthday, you should receive a welcoming Medicare package with all of the information you should know about the program. If you are currently receiving social security benefits, your Medicare enrollment will be automatic. However, if you are not receiving these benefits, you can apply for Medicare online or through your local social security office. 

General Enrollment

If you miss your initial enrollment period, the general enrollment period begins on January 1 and lasts until March 31 of each year. In this time, anyone who is eligible for Medicare can enroll. However, when you enroll in the general enrollment period, your coverage will not begin until July 1. 

Special Enrollment

Sometimes, situations come up that cause you to miss both of these enrollment periods. If this happens, you may be able to enroll during the special enrollment period. Some of the common reasons that people may qualify for this period include residence changes, the loss of your current coverage, or if you were recently released from jail.

Enroll in Medicare Today

When it comes to Medicare, enrollment can be confusing if you are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the process. Thankfully, Thomas Family Insurance can help you enroll. We have all of the information you’d need to get you enrolled in Medicare quickly and effortlessly. For assistance, call us at 217-740-4166 today.